About Me

making-sweetness mostly known as Fie, Tea, Te'er, TeOh, Tehuzz and what-so-ever. 
making-sweetness do call me whatever u wish as long it not affecyt offend me thus make me feel annoyed. 
making-sweetness I'm not haughty, I'm just taking precaution way to avoid me from adding 'unwanted' contacts so never adding me on FACEBOOK to those who dont know me. 
making-sweetness born on October 16th 1992 in Seremban. 
making-sweetness kuat makan, kuat tido, dan malas malas malas. zzz.
making-sweetness boleh dikategorikan sebagai pemakan yang exotic. I mean, tak memilih makan ok?
making-sweetness surely I'm an emotional person, become touched very easily.
making-sweetness it's your right to hate me or to leave me, because I'm have kinda bad attitudes (sometimes). :D 
making-sweetness tak single tapi bukan double, our relationship built since 2007. Of course to see it last long, hopefully Allah have destined us to be together.
making-sweetness follow this page if u like.

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