Jenis Manusia Di Muka Bumi

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Ada tiga jenis manusia di muka bumi ini:

Pertama: belajar daripada pengalaman sendiri; mereka ini dikatakan bijak dan berpengalaman.

Kedua: mereka belajar daripada pengalaman orang lain; mereka ini dikatakan cerdik dan dapat menikmati kegembiraan dalam hidup.

Ketiga: mereka tidak belajar daripada pengalaman sendiri mahupun orang lain; mereka inilah yang hanyut dengan kebodohan sendiri

p/s: anda tergolong dalam golongan yang mana?? (=
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Fakta Menarik

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1. Nama yang paling banyak digunakan di dunia adalah Mohammed.

2. Satu-satunya makanan yang tidak akan busuk ialah madu.

3. Siput boleh tidur selama 3 tahun.

4. Dalam 18 bulan, 2 ekor tikus membiak lebih dari sejuta anak tikus!

5. Memakai headphone selama satu jam dapat menstimulasi perkembangan bakteria dalam telinga sebanyak 700 kali ganda!

6. Setiap lipstik mengandungi sisik ikan.

7. Apa persamaan baju kalis peluru, printer laser, tangga kecemasan dan wiper kenderaan? Jawapannya : semua ditemukan oleh perempuan !

p/s: aku pun tak paham nape...=.='

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semangat yang hilang....

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Tidak engkau seorang
Juang hingga titisan
Rempuh tak berharapan

Nanti aku di sana
Di ufuk pemikiran
Lalu menghayatinya

Kita laksanakan
Mata hati yang damai
Di sana kejujuran

Semarak impian segunung harap dipulang
Usahlah diragukan keupayaan sendiri
Hati yang membara mengikutkan kata-kata
Jawapannya di sini
Semangat kita yang hilang
Oh kita cari pulang

Malu bertanya kawan
Sesat cari jalan pulang
Biar ia berkesan
Di lubuk hati terbenam

bagus gak lagu ni..
lebih2 lagi untuk orang yang cam aku..
err..semangat aku hilang tah ke mane..
penat nak cari balik la..
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3 Love Facts You Should Know

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Love Facts: 1
Love is not any more strange and mysterious than many other human experiences. Actually there does exist a real and growing body of scientific knowledge about it.

Anything is mysterious to those who lack scientific knowledge about them; the rising and setting of the sun, the circulation of the blood, or changes in the weather.

But as our knowledge grows, all such experiences including facts of love become increasingly understandable.

But those who feel most sure of their love are often the poorest marriage risks. Having a healthy marriage, like having a healthy body, calls for the best scientific knowledge we can get.

Love Facts: 2

There is not just one, but there are many forms of love. The man who is not well may use just one word to describe how he feels.

So it is with love. There are many forms of it. Those in love may feel quite similar to those whose love is of a very different type.

Actually, however, one form of love may be quite unlike another. Some forms of love are essential to successful marriage, or even to successful living. Other kinds of love are forms of selfishness.

Sometimes we love people in the same way —even our own children. We get what we want out of them, often regardless of their wishes or best interests. Sometimes young people love and want to marry, mainly because they want to get something out of the other, not because they desire their partners' good.

Yet this selfish kind of love may look and feel just like any other kind. Not all forms of love are good and sound. Some forms should be warning signals, rather than bases for marriage.

The important question is not, "Do I love him enough to marry him?" It is rather, do we feel the kind of love toward each other upon which a marriage can successfully be built?

Love Facts: 3
The richest, deepest, and most permanent forms of love are those which we build over the years. So you are in love. You feel a warm, romantic glow toward each other which you do not feel toward anyone else. Great.

The love which you feel toward each other may be honest and real. If you marry, it will give you a good start. But the love which will make your marriage most worthwhile, which will not only endure but grow through the years, is not this romantic kind.

It is the richer, deeper kind which comes from having with another who is in a true sense a life partner; one with whom you have in common the basic purpose of building a family together; someone who is going your way.

Only such a love can really meet your needs and weld your relationship together so that it can easily withstand the storms and stresses which pull against it.

The romantic form of love may only be able to give you some thrilling experiences for a few weeks, or even a few years. But only this richer form of love can make the latter part of your life richer, and in a sense, more romantic than were the first years. And this love is not anything you can fall into.

It must be built!

But if you already feel some kind of love for each other. How can you tell what kind it is — whether it is selfish or unselfish, sound or unsound?

In additional to love facts, some of the other pages, especially those on character traits and mental health, are designed to help you know whether or not you have what it takes to build a richer and more abiding form of love.
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something that haunted me..

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assalamualaikum and hello..

i don't know..
lately, i'm so interested with subliminal messages..
yeah, subliminal messages in a song or in other medium..
hohoho..subliminal messages is something that u can heard or see when u backmasking it..

backmasking - play in reverse or backwards

from my research in the internet, subliminal message is done on purpose or not..
i have learnt a little about how to make a subliminal messages..
kind interesting..
some songs that i have already reverse it had some words that scared me..
now that thing haunted me all the day..
i don't know whether the song's writer know about that thing or not..
or maybe i can heard that words because my mind in subconscious condition?
huh..i don't know..

i already heard:

oh, before i forget..
now i'm in process to finish up my own song that also will have subliminal messages..
just wait..hoho..

and 1 more thing, there's a mystery about song with title KENANGAN TERINDAH - SAMSONS..
wanna know, just CLICK here..

[A subliminal message is a signal or message embedded in another medium, designed to pass below the normal limits of the human mind's perception. These messages are unrecognizable by the conscious mind, but in certain situations can affect the subconscious mind and can negatively or positively influence subsequent later thoughts, behaviors, actions, attitudes, belief systems and value systems. The term subliminal means "beneath a limen" (sensory threshold). This is from the Latin words sub, meaning under, and limen, meaning threshold.

The two most famous types of alleged subliminal messages are:

  • Spoken messages which are recorded backward onto a track that is meant to be played forward (called backmasking)
  • Written messages which are quickly flashed during videos (sometimes called 25th frame)

While there is some empirical evidence supporting limited effectiveness of the flashed messages, subliminal influence of backmasking is not supported by scientific experiments.]
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2 more left....

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seronok gile aku..
paper SPM ni da nk abis..
khamis depan abis ah..
chemist n lk left..

tp jeles la,kebanyakan member2 aku abis paper 08/12..
xkesah r..
janji abis gak nanti..

i hope so la kan..
dapat 8A ke atas..
yang len tu A- o B+ pun ok gak..

sengal gile punye pikiran..
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