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i hate this feeling so much.
want to say it as hurt. not really.
coz it more to a feeling of not comfortable with the things inside my mouth.
yesterday lah. i went to do separation for my teeth.
i can't eat normally. haha. worry if this things come out between my teeth.
but, this is the only time i can a lot to eat.
after this, i will having problems to eat.

p/s: 01st of march. go to dentist. to wear braces.
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i'm not a perfect person.
maybe to those peoples who don't know me, think i'm a good girl. huhuhh.
nope, i'm such a bad person. bad, bad person. sometimes i regret for who i am.
but, rice already becomes porridge. nothing u can do to correct past mistakes. :'(

i think there's many things i don't share with my friends, and family.
let it always in my heart without anyone knowing the truth.

all i can do for now, just looking forward. let bygone be bygone.
think of my future. what i'm going to do another 10 years.

p/s: now no regret anymore, i'm just enjoying myself.
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i need new photo papers.
someone, please buy for me a lot of photo papers. haha.
urgh, wanna buy ink tank also.

now, i do some survey on new laptop. dell, HP or vaio?
what's ur choice? i want other else than black. boring lor, if it the same colour forever. huhu.

my budget is around rm3k.
because i need to buy other things, also.

hah, yesterday i went to hospital. good news is, my bone grow very fast. and i can use one crutch only, not two anymore.
oh yeah, goodbye to my beloved wheel chair too. hehhe.
tomorrow, i have physiotherapy appointment. the physiotherapist then will teach me how to walk again with one crutch. (tak tih, such as a baby) it gonna take for 1 1/2 hour.

doctor said: don't drink milks frequently, after this just take soy beans milks or orange juices. they afraid another bone will grow too?

p/s: luckily, when i fell down two weeks before i went to hospital, nothing effect my ILN. fuhh.
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.my ex-school.

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from what i heard, my ex-school is getting worse.
is that true, or it just a rumors?
yet, i not know the truth.

gross, the color of prefects uniform is orange? haha.
somewhat funny.

uh, what happen to the principal? crazy huh?
again, i got some news he's done something that make mechy students batch 08/09 mad. hii.
put a notice about an ex-teacher. u can search it by your own at FB.
i don't want to write many about that.

i don't know whose fault, actually. whether the principal, the ex-teacher, or the students? hehe.

p/s: wonder, what my SPM result is look like? *daydreaming.
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huh, talk about my day. i think it's sucks. go through my daily life. it's just nothing, boring, boring day.
but, haha. if too many problems, i'll mambling too. what i need actually?
oh yeah, i want to get married. haha. shame on me. no money, no work, how i can get married? i can, eloping with sD. just joking. and forget it.
when will i can hang out with my friends, huh? i can't wait for that day. aaa!
it have been a long time, not go shopping to buy new things. *crying
i missed my school day too, but not the school. so excited to study again. uh, oh. ya, the day will comes. then, i'll kick the bucket.
when it comes to what i have to decide eight courses for U.
here it goes:

1. diploma in information technology
2. diploma in information technology and communications
3. diploma in tourism management
4. diploma in office management and technology
5. diploma in bank management
6. diploma in tourism management
7. diploma in computer science (information technology)
8. diploma in computer science (multimedia)

hehe. no need to go through with interview. kinda ok, rite?
just ignore if some peoples want to bad talk about me because choose this, choose that. i'm the one who decides this, not u.
even my family told me to choose what's the best for me. and suits me, well.

p/s: nana, have u gone to padang?
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aku baru je upload gambar aku dalam album memoirs kat FB..
so, gambar aku yang lame2 je la aku dengan family je la aku letak kot.. hihi..
agak bengkek la aku mase nak upload gambar tadi.. balik2 try again later..
sekali tengok dah ade 12 photos dalam album tu.. gambar yang same je.. ngoi..

ade banyak lagi gambar2 aku mase kecik2 dulu.. tapi malas lak nak rungkai semua..
penat deh..
adek aku pun dah pandai amik gambar, kalau tak sebelum ni.. gambar2 aku yang dia tangkap semua nampak hampeh..

oh, petang tadi aku gi jalan2 ke carrefour, dengan wheelchair lagi.. orang pandang aku buat dunno je, malas nak dengar ape dorang nak tanya nanti.. dah penat aku nak jawab..
takde beli barang dapur ke ape, just beli barangan keperluan aku.. sibuk sangat nak dari hari tu lagi..
ni dah lesu badan, lame tak kena cahaya, angin luar..

p/s: bukan cari publisiti, cuma dah boring asyik terperap kat rumah.. :P
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next week aku gi spital ar..
nak check perkembangan kaki..
hope2 boleh jalan sikit2 la nanti, kan..
maybe kena x-ray, pastu tak tau la orang kat spital tu nak wat ape lagi kat aku..

p/s: baru abis anime sekirei.. agak ecchi.. =.='
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macam2 choice nak buat..
nih sume pasal nak continue study lah.. nak amik bidang ape..
kang tak continue study nak jadi ape pulak..
ape2 pun, pilihan tempat aku tetap Johor..
then, KL, Melaka, Selangor.. other than that, aku tak mau..

p/s: nak beli motor kawasaki..
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finally, abes jugak marathon aku untuk hell girl 3 season... gilak happy..
setelah menghadapi banyak gangguan.. huh..
adek aku, kazen aku.. and kadang2 laptop ni hang...
urghh, lame gak.. seminggu tuh.. :(

lepas ni boleh tengok anime lain lak.. :D
so, dewa mata~

p/s: nak jadi heroin anime skali, boleh??
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