Need your HELP, guys!!

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hey guys. I got an assignment to be done before final examination coming. actually, not only AN assignment but it is a lot. never mind, I will try to finish all by end of this week.

now, I am going to promote my Facebook Page. not actually my page, but it is our company-may-or-not-exist Facebook Page. understand me? ah, I don't know how to explain further.

please like the page as it for our Effective Communication class task. we are going to get above 500 LIKES before study week on June 4th 2012 if I'm not mistaken.

this is how the page looks like.

so, please please please. please help my friends and I to succeed this time. it really connect with our final marks, soon. HUHU. need to speak English because my lecturer told us to do so.

with that, thank you.

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NASZ said...

saya dah like. good luck.