dear roommies

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almost a week i'm at home . and yet , i admit that i'm started to miss my old life there . i miss my bed , my wardrobe (ya meyh ? haha) . nope , i miss them . who are them ? they are my friends , my roommates , classmates and all people i have known there . this entry dedicated specially to my roommates of course , cuz i spend more of my times with them .

what i have been missing and thinking lately :

- no more hugs , jokes from all of u dears .
- no more spending time together at cafe with acik midah 'kesayangan' huhu .
- no more fighting , touched what-so-ever .
- no more to tell my hot spicy stories .
- no more hostel life such as at KMNS , for sure .

dear roommies , i'm terribly sorry if i ever made mistakes . i dont know when we will meet again . maybe some other times , or maybe when u (tieka , tyna and tham) get married ? who knows for upcoming days ? huhu . dont ever forget me leyy . just remember our 4T just for our room , C2.T2.11 the most happening room ever after in KMNS . past never be the future .

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