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i need new photo papers.
someone, please buy for me a lot of photo papers. haha.
urgh, wanna buy ink tank also.

now, i do some survey on new laptop. dell, HP or vaio?
what's ur choice? i want other else than black. boring lor, if it the same colour forever. huhu.

my budget is around rm3k.
because i need to buy other things, also.

hah, yesterday i went to hospital. good news is, my bone grow very fast. and i can use one crutch only, not two anymore.
oh yeah, goodbye to my beloved wheel chair too. hehhe.
tomorrow, i have physiotherapy appointment. the physiotherapist then will teach me how to walk again with one crutch. (tak tih, such as a baby) it gonna take for 1 1/2 hour.

doctor said: don't drink milks frequently, after this just take soy beans milks or orange juices. they afraid another bone will grow too?

p/s: luckily, when i fell down two weeks before i went to hospital, nothing effect my ILN. fuhh.
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