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huh, talk about my day. i think it's sucks. go through my daily life. it's just nothing, boring, boring day.
but, haha. if too many problems, i'll mambling too. what i need actually?
oh yeah, i want to get married. haha. shame on me. no money, no work, how i can get married? i can, eloping with sD. just joking. and forget it.
when will i can hang out with my friends, huh? i can't wait for that day. aaa!
it have been a long time, not go shopping to buy new things. *crying
i missed my school day too, but not the school. so excited to study again. uh, oh. ya, the day will comes. then, i'll kick the bucket.
when it comes to what i have to decide eight courses for U.
here it goes:

1. diploma in information technology
2. diploma in information technology and communications
3. diploma in tourism management
4. diploma in office management and technology
5. diploma in bank management
6. diploma in tourism management
7. diploma in computer science (information technology)
8. diploma in computer science (multimedia)

hehe. no need to go through with interview. kinda ok, rite?
just ignore if some peoples want to bad talk about me because choose this, choose that. i'm the one who decides this, not u.
even my family told me to choose what's the best for me. and suits me, well.

p/s: nana, have u gone to padang?
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TeaO said...

hahah. bnyk da tuka, kot. :P