tiring day..

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today was monday..
n i don't go to school..
i've got an appoinment n i was told to meet my dentist..
it is estimated that i'll wearing braces next year..
i thought this will not took a long time to finish..
but,unexpected thing happened..
the dentist who checked my teeth asked me to bring 2 copies of x-ray film..
she gave a letter n told me to submit it at the HTJS..

at the HTJS,my mom's parked her car..
it's too far from the Klinik Pakar that i supposed to go..
my mom n and i were fasting,so this must be very tiring..
thanked to Allah,somebody save us..
SHUTTLE HTJS lar..hakhak..
the driver took us to Klinik Pakar..

it was the first time i entered the x-ray room..
suddenly i felt nervous..haha
then,after i've got the x-ray film,
we need to give it to the dentist at Klinik Pergigian Za'Ba..
when we go to this hospital,the shuttle already save us..
but now the challenge,,
we need to get my mom's car again..
just i mentioned it was far..
really tired woh..
i think about 30kg i could lost..haha

i was really not expected this day would be such a hateful monday for me..
i thought when i not go to school..
then i'll be in peaceful and happy..
but then huh..
i also don't want to go to school..
i don't want to go to school tomorrow..
somebody please take me away from here..!!
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